Shadow Blow’s Instagram Thirst Is Unquenchable in “Mensaje Directo”

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It’s your typical love story set in the digital age. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, our newsfeeds are plastered with peoples’ faces, a visual commonality that unites pretty much everyone online. We’ve all heard it before: boy falls upon a beautiful girl’s Instagram, slides into her DMs, and the rest is history. So it’s no surprise that Santo Domingo-based singer and producer Shadow Blow tells a relatable tale of falling into an instant online love in “Mensaje Directo.”

Shadow Blow’s sweet ode to this mystery woman’s Instagram is captured over a simple, melodic R&B beat laced with piano and synths. Think T-Pain and Lil Wayne’s “Can’t Believe It.” As he scrolls through her feed, he finds himself falling more and more for this woman, to the point where he spends the entire bridge asking her give him a chance. The song’s dreamy and slow tempo beat provide a solid foundation for Shadow Blow’s playful lyrics (and thirst) to shine through.