Sick Morrison Gets Trippy at the Cabaret in the “Yo No Veo Cual Top” Video

Since 2008, Sick Morrison (aka Prax Pills) has been delivering quality hip-hop to the Mexican underground from his hometown in Monterrey. Originally inspired by the backpack generation of Def Jux and Rhymesayers artists like Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, and El-P, Morrison has embraced trap beats for his latest single, delivering one catchy number and well-deserved praise. His video for “Yo No Veo Cual Top” illustrates where he’s at right now.

Since last year’s release Show De Burlesque, Sick has dabbled in the visual atmosphere of the cabaret, which explains the setting of the video and girls in lingerie and corsets. We hear Morrison spitting venom over the codeine beat while things turn from bright colors to acid wash on the visual front. As revealed by the title of his mixtape, Verano Woodstock, “Yo No Veo Cual Top” gets as much inspiration from purple beats as it does from LSD-soaked hippie aesthetics. The song’s production was in the charge of fellow Monterrey beatmaker Karonnte and the video is an Infinito Corazón and Panteonera Films production.

Prax claims no affiliation with any label or crew, but one thing he has in spades is catchiness. “Yo No Veo Cual Top” will get stuck in your head for days.