Dance Through Your Nightmares With Siete Catorce’s Brutal New A-rp Remix

Lead Photo: Siete Catorce. Photo by Kamielle Dalati-Vachon
Siete Catorce. Photo by Kamielle Dalati-Vachon
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In the past year, A-rp (aka Daniel Quintero) has kept busy alternating between a rigorous live performance schedule and lengthy studio sessions for his forthcoming album I Bleed For Me and Mine, which comes following the 2015 release of ON | AX  via Maligna.

A-rp has taken what he’s learned in the past year and breathed fresh air into his ever evolving mix of industrial techno. Quintero’s production style is unique, as he applies the skills and creative process of songwriting to electronic music. Although there’s an expansive deconstruction and reinterpretation of the techno canon surfacing in scenes around the world, one of the most striking things about A-rp is his ability to piece together elements of ambient, pop, and anthemic darkwave into a seamless mosaic that oozes narrative and purpose.

A-rp’s oddball, maximalist take on electronic music might be too harrowing for the conventional dance floor, but that’s a good thing. To further prep us for the upcoming album, we’ve got a sneak peek at one of six remixes included on the record. Siete Catorce’s brutally attentive rework of “Vida Come Vida,” one of A-rp’s poppier dance tracks, frames the song in a set of breakbeats and monotone basslines only to return to the club with Siete Catorce’s name all over it. We’re here for it.

I Bleed For Me And Mine is out August 26 on Ensamble Records.