Siete Catorce Dips His Toes in Portuguese Waters With Bison & Squareffekt Collab “Batungo”

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Siete Catorce already dipped his toes in the Portuguese scene’s waters when he released the track “Syncopate” as part of Enchufada’s Upper Cuts series. Now, he explores the country’s African-influenced sounds even further, thanks to his new collaboration with Lisbon beatmakers Squareffekt and Bison, “Batungo.”

The seamless integration of these three producers’ styles reinforces the meaning of the term global bass, blending elements of tribal and tarraxo, but with a sci-fi twist. The song’s dark vibe and noisy atmospheres – signature Siete Catorce – transport us to a sort of dystopic scenario with its cinematic qualities. The song builds up progressively from a slow dance party into an industrial chaos, and we’re living for it.