Silva Frolics in the Rainforest in His Most Sexually Provocative Video Yet

With the release of his album Jupiter, Brazil’s indie golden boy has entered a season of liberation and self-discovery far more mature and introspective than any of his previous albums. The first glimpse of this new, emboldened Silva came with the release of “Sou Desse Jeito,” which had the crooner shedding light on his complex sense of identity and touching on themes of otherness and empowerment. Now, with the video for his newest single “Feliz e Ponto,” Silva has upped the ante with how much he’s willing to reveal for his audience, physically and emotionally.

The video finds Silva in the lush Brazilian rainforest, shirtless but not alone. Shots pan from thick Amazonian brush, then to the singer, and then to a naked woman bathing in the river. The song, a sensual bossa nova-tinged ballad, adds to the overall sexiness of the scene, just as the camera cuts to both Silva and the woman kissing and caressing in the water. As the video progresses, a second man enters the dynamic, also naked, and soon he and Silva are sexually engaged, with a final shot of all three naked in action.

It’s hard to skirt around the overt hints at sexual fluidity in Silva’s music. The song’s title translates to “Happy, Period,” an affirmation to define joy on his own terms. Silva makes an even stronger statement through the video’s exploration of bisexuality. Where “Sou Desse Jeito” felt like a pushback against his detractors, “Feliz e Ponto” is Silva finding peace with himself and the world at large. Though the singer hasn’t issued any official statements on his sexuality, art often speaks louder than press releases, and as he sings here: “Love pays for love, and as they say, for people who love this way there is no discount.”