Sink Into Andrea Balency’s Liquid, Experimental R&B on “Volcano” EP

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French/Mexican singer Andrea Balency moved to London to explore new sounds, bringing to life the dark, experimental R&B-like “Waterfalls.” Now, she’s released three more songs on an EP named Volcano. “Waterfalls” had the same cavernous sound as her previous “Adieu créature,” but in tone, it was less playful and more defiant.

The EP itself is a repetition of that dark sound. Though that may discourage some listeners, it’s the art of the cohesive, yet surprising, song craft that keeps us wanting more of that sinking feeling.

Volcano is a solid testament to the songwriter’s ability to touch other auras with her wonderful voice. Balency shows a new range, and though she might not be revolutionizing the genre (she has some tough competition in FKA Twigs), every song on the record creates an almost liquid, enveloping atmosphere that can lead to severe addiction if not treated properly.

Volcano is out now on iTunes and Spotify.