PR Hip-Hop’s Finest Skeptic and Madvado Continue to Warp Our Senses in this Double Video

Madskeptic was one of the highlights in a very successful year for PR hip-hop, a veritable meeting of the minds by two of the best from the island, both who are bound to great things this year with their respective endeavors. There’s still life to their union, though, as proven by this video.

While there’s a lot of old school realness to the beats used for their collaboration, Madvado and Skeptic go for a more timeless take in this mini-arc of two songs which contrast and complement their flavor in a grand way; in other words, if you haven’t checked their collab, then this video will make your mouth water, not that these are feel-good videos in any way.

Starting with the pitched-up hook-laden “Vivir Feliz,” the takes split time between a colorful boardwalk, ocean scenery, and black and white shots of the emcee rhyming the track away. The setting gives the impression of something natural and even a bit nostalgic, aided in no small part by Skeptic’s rapping which is sing-songy and catchy. For the next track, “Soy Una Bestia,” everything turns a shade darker, with guest Unochosiete making an appearance while shots of dogs, masks, saws, and shovels dragging on concrete lure you into a nightmare setting you might not have signed up for if you were seduced by the first part of the clip. Skeptic makes his shirtless appearance known, but there’s little to bridge the feeling one had with “Vivir Mejor” by the end of his second turn on the mic. It’s exquisite and just a touch unsettling, to say the least.

This study in mood through sound and vision was created thanks to directors Alfredo Castellano, Silvino Edward, César Berrios, and Skeptic himself. Check it out and don’t feel afraid if you feel your senses just took a brief shaking out of their usual comfort zone.