Smurphy Makes Good on her Promise with “Missing2MyBB”

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It seems just yesterday we were marking the release of Smurphy’s excellent #Geminiss EP with a feature profile. Based in Los Angeles, the now-satellite NAAFI affiliate is staying true to her promise to “stop fucking around and do what [she] has to do,” proving her chops at maintaining a prolific production pace.

We’ve recently been graced with good news that she’ll release a full-length album next month via LA’s Leaving Records, a Stones Throw-distributed label that is also home to Ahhnu, White Magic, SP-MOLD, and label head Matthewdavid. The lead single from the album, “Missing2MyBB,” keeps to the “urban, weird, spacey, hazy and, above all, dancey” aesthetic that defies linear song structure in favor of looping airy, layered vocals from the producer, while homing in on cosmic footwork and dub elements.

Smurphy’s A Shapeless Pool of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended in Darkness is out on May 12th.