Snow Tha Product Goes Beast Mode In “Bet That I Will”

Snow Tha Product is tied to a chair in her new video for “Bet That I Will” which is probably for the best – because once you unleash the beast, it’s on. In the black-and-white visual, the quick-worded rapper reiterates the importance of not comparing her to other women in the rap game. “They say I ain’t shit cause of Nicki and Iggy/ They downplay the lyrics delivered, I’m killing.” This isn’t a diss towards her lyrical colleagues, but when your talent is being judged by the size of your ass – “only way that Imma kill it, get a booty like Selena” ­– then yeah, maybe the world is lucky Snow is sitting down for this one.

The San Jose native is hitting the road and practically performing back-to-back shows. The hustle is real, folks. Dates are below.