Snow Tha Product Blasts Trump and Obama With Fiercely Political Video for “Despierta”

The last time we heard from Snow Tha Product, she was one too many tequila shots in on “Nuestra Canción,” a break-up anthem set to a snaking reggaeton beat.

The California-based MC and queen of the Stay Woke brand is back again this month, and she’s putting the party on hold in favor of politics. Her new track “Despierta” is a rallying cry with one sobering message: The Latinx community needs to come together and get organized, stat. “This is a message to Latinos that we have to unify,” Snow wrote to us over email. “If we don’t accept each other we cannot expect the rest of the world to accept us.” Snow deploys a two-minute rap urging Latinxs to avoid complacency and take action in the face of Trump’s racist and sexist rhetoric. “Trump se va acabar el puto mundo,” she spits, echoing what we’re all thinking.

An accompanying video for the song starts with Snow sitting in The Oval Office, refusing to speak to a Spanish-language news crew and recognize her own identity — a caricature of apathetic Latinxs who would rather stay away from controversial issues.

Finally, she agrees to talk and lets the truth bombs rip — and she’s not just putting the country’s biggest demagogue on blast. She calls out Obama and holds Latinos accountable for divisions and idleness she sees in the community: “No nos preocupamos por la gente/Que no se va unir ni aunque les reza/Los Latinos metieron a Obama en esta misma silla y deportó mas que todo los presidentes.” Damn, Snow. The video ends with police dragging her off, presumably for getting too real.

Snow, who dropped her Half Way There… Pt. 1 EP in June, is used to being outspoken. She’s talked frequently about growing up with undocumented parents from Mexico, and her previous raps never shy away from her upbringing (“’Cause I’m out of this world, this illegal alien way up,” she declares flagrantly on “Cookie Cutter Bitches.”) Whether she’s talking about alcohol or activism, we’re always looking out for what she does next.

Editor’s note, 8/31/2016, 5:40 p.m.: This post has been updated to include additional quotes from the artist.