Sobrenadar Gives Un Planeta’s “Una y Otra Vuelta” an 80s Slow Dance Makeover

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Last year’s Refugio was the musically mature, emotionally satisfying album we knew Argentine quartet Un Planeta could make. The sophisticated and hooky album was almost too listenable, but the band kept things interesting by cleverly upcycling 80s new wave influences, creating a feeling of disconnected nostalgia. High concept, but it worked. This month they dropped a remix album that shows yet another side to this promising group. Apparently, when they aren’t working on their indie rock game, they’re tuning in to left-field Latin American electronic music producers and assorted knob twisters.

Many of those quantizing cuts from Refugio here are based in Argentina, like Un Planeta themselves. One of the most creative and charming contributions to the remix album comes from Argentine dream pop weaver Sobrenadar (aka Paula Garcia), who gave their pop rock epic “Una y Otra Vuelta” an expert makeunder. In her capable hands, the song is dialed way down and turned into a high-drama and low BPM 80s slow dance. It’s a treatment as fitting as it is unexpected. For those not yet familiar, Sobrenadar’s work here is a nice entryway into to her synth-soaked world.