This 165-track Compilation is like the “Now That’s What I Call Music!” of the Mexican Underground

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If you grew up on punk, metal or indie music in the 90s, then you might remember those cheapo CD samplers you could get for $5 back in the day; the 30-track grab bags were a godsend back when searching for music was a pre-internet activity. The fine people at Sociedad Subterránea have made something just as useful and irresistible: a 165-track compilation to help you through the murky, mysterious corners of the Mexican underground scene.

Clocking in at 11 hours and 37 minutes, it’s probably accurate to say that nobody in their right mind is going to sit down and listen to the whole shebang in one go. But, within its tracks, you might just discover your next favorite band, as the compilation spans many genres from all over the country, not just the usual territories. This is the tenth volume of Antojitos Mexicanos to mark the tenth anniversary of the label – so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go back and listen to what was hot in 2005 and beyond. Think of it as the Now That’s What I Call Music! of the Mexican underground.

And although Antojitos Mexicanos features many artists that aren’t even on our radar yet, it’s nice to see some good friends among the selections, like The Guadaloops, Trillones, Apache O’Raspi, Montenegro, Muuk, Bial Hclap, Vaya Futuro, and Dromedarios Mágicos, among others. There’s plenty to discover and much more to enjoy.