The First Single From Cirque du Soleil’s Soda Stereo Show is a New Version of “En El Séptimo Día”

The time has come. The world is about to witness a brand new show produced by Cirque Du Soleil, based on the legacy of Soda Stereo. It’s been almost two years since the announcement of this project got us hype, and now it’s almost upon us. We finally have a preview of things to come.

As we previously reported, former Stereo members Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti took a deep dive in their catalog in order to create the soundtrack of Sép7imo Día – No Descansaré. They pulled the multitrack tapes of all their records, restored, remastered, and digitized everything. They even found some rarities, like live shows and outtakes, which they used to breathe fresh life into their songs, producing new versions of classics as well as some mashups that will inform the story Cirque Du Soleil has prepared.

Here’s our first taste of their efforts. “En El Séptimo Día” is a rework of the song found on their 1990 album Canción Animal. It features a different vocal take by the late Gustavo Cerati, as well as another guitar track. This version will surely give longtime Soda fans chills, especially when another beloved tune, “Zoom,” briefly makes an appearance. The video is a composite of live footage, behind-the-scenes clips, and home movies.

It’s a bittersweet moment for Soda fans, and something tells us we will have many like this in 2017. Sép7imo Día – No Descansaré kicks off on March 9 in Buenos Aires, with a Latin American tour to follow.

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