Sokio’s Moody “Atracción y Gravedad” Video Reflects on Life’s Visceral Realities

It’s not easy to talk about forces that rule our day-to-day lives, yet Sokio tries to make sense of two of those forces with a catchy, ambitious song, and a stark but elegant black-and-white video.

Sokio is one of the people behind the excellent Brooklyn-based label Ponk Records, which has brought us some stellar underground acts. However, Sokio is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, as evidenced by the expansive “Atracción y Gravedad.”

The song comes off Sokio’s album Atlántico. “Atracción y Gravedad” is a fine display of Cono Sur rock with a dancey edge, reflecting on two of life’s inevitable forces. The video features some goth models and footage of space launches and the solar system to illustrate each. What better way to juxtapose the intimate and very human sensation of attraction with the massive physical phenomenon that is gravity than to place the moon and a disco ball next to each other? They might differ in size and subjectivity, but both rule our existence in varying measures.

Sokio is readying a new EP to be released this December. As for Ponk, expect great music from the label in the very near future.