Solagua Take Us on a Surreal Journey of Love and Separation in the Clip For “Volemos”

“Volemos” is the second single from the Mexican band Solagua’s debut album Familia Mágica, a cut where the synths recall the heyday of 80s new wave. Keyboards soar, reverb-drenched voices spew metaphoric lyrics, and the track could easily be played at a club at 2 a.m. or a lonely teenager’s bedroom in 1983. So, what kind of video could a track like “Volemos” get?

According to Solagua and directors Jorge González Ross and Rodrigo Bonilla of Iguana Films, what “Volemos” needed was a surreal tale of love and separation, starring two women on the verge of cathartic release. The highly symbolic clip features shots in- and outdoors, with an eerie white backdrop. Water in all it forms fills the screen, either in separate bath and water scenes or at the ocean. The whole thing is beautifully shot, even when one of the characters vomits.

There’s a narrative to be explored in this abstract short, but it’s probably something each viewer has to come to terms with on their own once “Volemos” is over. The clip invites multiple viewings, something that works like a charm when the soundtrack is a song with such a driving chorus.