Sonido Berzerk and Beasty Godiva Team Up on “The Villain”

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Hermosillo native and current Sidney resident William Batiz (aka Beasty Godiva) is working his way onto people’s radars this year – and he’s doing it with the quirky flows and serious passion of a Mexican indie musician who got into rap music.

Batiz recently caught up with Mexican Juke producer and Ten Toes Turbo label boss Sonido Berzerk, who, after dropping some self-produced calling cards in the last few months, jumped on a collaboration with Beasty. “The Villain” has a smooth, yet grainy juke base powered at 420 joints per second, over which Beasty Godiva works two overlapping types of flow. A suave, high-pitched singing style– his left-field approach to creating swaggy raps – gets layered and tangled up with faster flows at a lower tone, giving the piece a jangly edge. So far, no work on whether any further collaborations will be happening between these two, but stay tuned because both artists have more material on the way, including Berzerk’s upcoming OH! EP.