Veracruz’s Sonido Berzerk Drops Dancehall Mixtape for Bad Boy Jetsetters

Lead Photo: Sonido Berzerk
Sonido Berzerk
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Nothing is a sure thing in this world – not war or peace or J. Lo remixes. But what you can be reasonably sure about is that a Sonido Berzerk production is going to make some interesting connections — this is a guy, after all, who has offered us up moombahsoul and jumbiaton tracks in the past. True to form, the Ten Toes Turbo label boss slash archaeology student from Veracruz isn’t slowing down with this latest mixtape, which we’re premiering here on Remezcla.

Let’s consider the trajectory. Sonido is taking you from claustrophobic Irish club tracks (Palmistry’s halting “Sino”) to sleek Chilean hip-hop (the Imaabs-produced Jamez Manuel song “Moda”) and Venezuelan EDM (El $abor’s “Red Nosed Escobar,” blessed with vocals by Montreal’s Rebecca Rocklynn). PXXR GVNG papi Kaydy Cain, riddim badman Vybz Kartel, and NYC’s Ynfynyt Scroll are all invited to the party, which ends up feeling like the fiestón you’d book if you had a fleet of private jets and a taste for a wild night. Tokyo Megaplex’s “Jenny From the Block” remix is a cute climax, and no matter where he goes, Sonido Berzerk knows he comes from a mental state where dynamic musical discourse is key, and we’re here for it.