Sonido Satanás Share an Evil Cumbia Sonidero Version of Juan Gabriel’s “Marisol”

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Juan Gabriel is no stranger to covers of his songs, but this one might be topping the list of the most peculiar ones so far. Not only because of the style in which it has been adapted, but because nobody would have thought that a “Satanic” band would one day shroud the tune in darkness, so to speak.

Sonido Satanás formed in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2011 to set cumbia dancefloors ablaze. Their lineup consists of DJs Pinpón y Supersuavicrema (the latter occasionally on vocals), singer and “Satanic poet” Groncho, and Chamuco Picardo, who handles the “infernal exotic dancing” during their shows.

Originally, the song appeared on the tribute album Nadie Baila Como Tú, a meeting of musical minds that featured artists like Mariel Mariel, Telésforo, Sotomayor, as well as graphic designers from all over Latin America to pay tribute to El Divo’s album Me Gusta Bailar Contigo, also known as the soundtrack album for Juanga’s movie Del otro lado del puente. Now the song has been released as a standalone single and it sure shines.

The boys from Satanás specialize in cumbia sonidero, which means sparser instrumentation, bass-heavy sounds, and slightly pitched down vocals (think chopped-and-screwed cumbia lite). The song sounds evil and fun, like a haunted house at a carnival, which makes complete sense considering their belief that the devil created cumbia. “Marisol” is something that you might not be prepared for yet.

By the time they’re shouting about caguamas, you’ll be dancing the night away, and thinking about Juanga in a whole new light.