Sibling Duo Sotomayor Make a Glitchy Entry into the Nu-Cumbia Sweepstakes

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At this point, there’s nothing new about mixing cumbia with electronic sounds. Sotomayor are the latest entry into this category but they know mixing synths with guapachoso beats is not enough to cut it– they have to really show their worth for dance floor dominance, and judging by “Cielo,” they know exactly what to do.

Sotomayor are siblings Raúl and Paulina. He is best known as half of DF dance machine Beat Buffet and founder of the Day Off parties that have hosted acts such as Dengue Dengue Dengue! and Frikstailers. She is the drummer of up and comers Jefes Del Desierto. Together, they are something else.

“Cielo” presents a glitchy take on the sound, featuring ambient keyboards for added effect. Paulina sings in a sweet voice that strides the line between pop and vocal jazz, seducing you into clinging to the melody. There’s a tempo shift at some point with the beat becoming more frenetic; this, in turn, makes “Cielo” a track ripe for dropping at the height of the party.

The song will be part of their debut album Salvaje, produced by Liquits’ Edi Kistler. It will be released in March courtesy of the netlabel Tropic-All.