Spanish Newcomers Supernumerario Parody Nouvelle Vague In “Hombre Gris” Video

Spanish newcomers Supernumerario are making a quirky entrance into the musical scene. For starters, the band is allegedly formed by numbers 46, 7, 1000, and π, each with their own meaning. So far, they’ve made 9 and a half songs. Their namesake album was debuted on the same day as the NASA official launch, 56 years ago. And their lyrical style consists of short stream-of-consciousness verses about life, art, and mathematics.

The impossibly catchy first single “Hombre Gris” comes with a video directed by Davide Crespo and styled as a parody of Nouvelle Vague (a cinema movement made popular in the 1960’s by French filmmakers Truffaut, Godard, and many others). The story centers around a Gray Man living a dull life, whose disappearance makes his wife fantasize about him as someone more interesting than he really is.

Supernumerario’s music balances between cryptic and warm. We may not know the true meaning behind all their codes, if their motif is honest or a parody of itself, but for now what they show us is nothing but gray. ​