Cali MC SPEAK Tears Up Mexico City’s Iconic Underground Flea Market in the “Free Wind” Video

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After wowing us with the cheeky video for “Platinum” back in December, SPEAK returns with another set of visuals from his Fall Time Radness EP, thanks to the Remezcla fam. For “Free Wind,” produced by Dre Rodner like the rest of the Fall Time set, we took a field trip to El Chopo, an historic countercultural flea market in Mexico City. For over 40 years, El Chopo has enabled chilangos to trade punk memorabilia, creepy marionettes, knockoff sunglasses, rare metal records, and radical zines. SPEAK, who represents so much diversity in his style (playful rhymes and puns and grungey looks), mirrors the chaotic and vibrant spirit of the swap meet scene with the Fall Time Radness opener.

Between bargain hunting, moshing with teen goths, and an impromptu dance break in the taco shop, SPEAK waxes poetic about everything from plans for success (“Lemme aim at your toupee ‘til I’m gettin’ bread like Michael Bublé”) to his ideal ladies (“Two Shakiras and a Chinese Beyoncé”). Watch the Remezcla-produced clip above.