Spvce Problems Talk ‘Game of Thrones,’ Pizza, and Air Jordans on Hip-Hop Track “Born 2 Lose”

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Spvce Problems, the fresh rap group composed of CLXSTA, Zaheed Santana, and Zhickleez, have been dropping singles at an excruciatingly slow rate for some time, but hinting at the release of a full-length album. NWLA just shared “Born 2 Lose,” a new track by the gang. It follows their previous single, “Hype” and features spot-on production by Tek.lun.

In the first verse, the rappers reflect on unmet goals and feeling alive. It ties to the song’s title and its main hook: “nací para perder/escaparme de la casa y luego volver,” like the prodigal son. And like they previously did on “Hype,” the rest of the verses feel a lot more abstract and all over the place, full of references from Game of Thrones, Erie, Indiana, pizza, Air Jordans, and the girls who got kicked in the face by Miguel at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Everything is backed up by an old-school hip-hop beat with a single-note riff that just creeps into your body and fills it up.