Sticky M.A. Channels Yung Lean in New “Relax” Video

Once upon a time, there was a rapper named Manto and he was pretty chill. Then one day he disappeared and didn’t write anything new for his fans. What’s the deal? Well, that was five years ago and Manto has finally resurfaced with a new name and label.

Most rappers would probably mark their return to music in a big way but not Sticky M.A. (Manto’s new name). Instead, he’s ridiculously chill about the whole “I’ma dip out for five years” situation and has marked his return with an equally chill track appropriately titled “Relax.”

It’s the lead single off his debut EP, Chill Trill, for Agorazein and the visuals on the video are as slow and mellow as the song, channeling a less internet art-y Yung Lean. Did this dude record the music while splayed out on a beanbag chainsmoking spliffs? Probs.