Abrigo de Pelos Slow Burning “1993” Will Leave You Wanting More

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The latest Madrid edition of Red Bull Music Academy‘s Bass Camp has gathered some of our favorite current electronic music producers in Spain, like Skygaze, Sau Poler, Pau Roca, and Sunny Graves. One of the participants was the Argentina-Born, Málaga-based artist Abrigo de Pelos, a producer that’s been on our radar for some time now.

From his Bass Camp participation comes “1993,” a track under three minutes that burns slowly, with slow attack synths and vocal samples that glide like they’re moving on molasses. The song gets bigger and bigger progressively, with the addition of sparking sounds and more percussive elements, and when it gets to its peak, its unfairly fades out, leaving us wanting more. Let’s all keep an eye on this guy.