Bomba Estéreo’s “Fiesta” Rolls Folklore into Some Serious Bass

Lead Photo: Photo by Manuel Castillo
Photo by Manuel Castillo
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Bomba Estéreo‘s new album release is imminent, you guys. The follow-up to their Caribbean adventure called Elegancia Tropical will be out as soon as the first week of June. But for all of us impatient fellows, here we have a glimpse of the end result. A little glimpse in the form of a humungous track called “Fiesta.”

The song, produced by Ricky Reed, starts with a folklore-inspired build up, where we can hear Li Saumet summoning people to get ready to party, in a vallenato-like melody over a guitar line and a rolled snare. When the tension gets to its peak, the song drops into a bass-heavy hook that let us know about their global bass influences. After that, it’s a party up until the last second. Bomba Estéreo are definitely coming back with a blast, no joke.

Don’t forget to check them out this March at Vive Latino (13th,) and SXSW (17th-21st.)