Carolina Camacho Puts Percussion in the Spotlight on “Los Tambores”

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Carolina Camacho‘s exploration of Afro-Caribbean sounds won our hearts ever since the release of “Ninfa de las aguas.” On “Los Tambores,” she dives deep into the percussive sounds that are the heartbeat of this music. Tambora, congas, and other forms of Afro-Latin percussion drive the whole song until the end, and definitely feel like they’re the protagonists, right up there with the Dominican singer’s voice. Her unrestrained vocals go from a dramatic, operatic delivery, to almost rapping. Additional guitar arpeggios and woozy synths round the song out, crawling up your veins and making you move to the beat. This track is too good.

Carolina Camacho will be performing this May 16th at Mexico’s Festival Marvin.