Cero39 Up The Dark Merengue in Carolina Camacho’s “Ninfa De Las Aguas”

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We’ve been constantly playing “Ninfa de las Aguas,” Carolina Camacho‘s prayer to nature, since we first heard it back in 2013. The guys from the Colombian collective Cero39 have now revamped the track and pumped up its Afro-Caribbean foundations.

On their remix, they give Camacho a darker backdrop, infusing it with deeper and harsher bass tones. They also introduce trap elements and dub fills, but managing to keep some of the rhythmic features we love from the original, up until it develops into a full-on merengue beat. But the star continues to be Camacho’s high-pitched vocals, jumping up and down her register in a unique way.

Don’t miss the Dominican singer at SXSW. She’ll be at the Rock Paper Scissors showcase this Saturday at Russian House. I repeat: Not to be missed.