Put Ferraz’s “More Than That” (feat. Alissa Maria) on Your Summer BBQ Playlist ASAP

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Ferraz‘s new track is so funky it’s making us swoon. The Venezuelan producer just released one of the two songs that comprise his new EP Delirious, joined by frequent Sunsplash collaborator Alissa Maria.

On “More Than That,” Ferraz seamlessly connects disco, R&B, and pop, but at its core, the song is really laid-back funk. The mix of the steady 4/4 kick drum, the bass line and its groove, and those palm-muted guitar licks make it hard for us to stay in or seats. Towards the end of the song, things shift to a more direct R&B beat, but he knows how to keep the funk going. Alissa Maria’s candy-sweet vocals are the cherry on top, and she brings the pop element that makes this song a hit.

Ferraz’s Delirious EP is out June 13th on Heroic Recordings.