Stream: Ibeyi Gets a Trip Hop Makeover With “Oya” (Burning Earth Distortion)

Lead Photo: Ibeyi
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We’ve been enjoying Ibeyi‘s self-titled debut album for a couple of months now, still discovering new things on every listen. There’s a particular song, “Oya,” that’s felt like remix material ever since it came out mid-2014 on an EP with the same name. Miami-based project Burning Earth though so too, and gave it a shot.

We don’t really know that much about Burning Earth. We don’t even know if it’s a band or a personal project. All we know is that his Soundcloud and Bandcamp accounts are filled with cool downtempo tracks, and this remix is no exception. Burning Earth’s take on “Oya” is definitely a throwback 90s number, complete with a Spanish guitar solo and everything. The remix goes to the trip hop/dub territory, and the main new addition is on the rhythmic section, since the Díaz sisters’ wordless harmonies already serve as chord pads.