Imaabs Releases “Diferencia,” Off Upcoming Soundtrack for Graffiti Doc. “Underbelly”

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Chilean producer Imaabs is on a roll. Not too long ago, we highlighted his latest EP, Distancia, on NAAFI. Now, he’s uploaded a track called “Diferencia” on his Soundcloud account – part of the soundtrack for documentary Underbelly, about a group of London graffiti artists called the DDS Crew.

“Diferencia” is in line with the sound Imaabs has been developing – minimalist, reverb-soaked, somber, and metallic; but it doesn’t hit as hard as the songs found on his Distancia EP. Here, even though the tempo is fast, the beat’s elements are more nuanced. It’ll be a nice complement to the images of the DDS Crew night-time adventures, spraying their art all over the London subway, like they’ve been doing for over 20 years.