Jessy Bulbo’s Quirky Pop is Back on Kitschy “Alma Traviesa”

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Woah, did we really have to wait four years to get a new Jessy Bulbo album? The great, fun, and daring Telememe was released in 2011 and the wait for new stuff has felt like an eternity. But that’s about to end as soon as this week, when her new album, Changuemonium, finally drops.

Meanwhile, she’s giving us a little treat in the form of a first single, called “Alma Traviesa,” a title that seems like a self-referential wink. But it turns out the song isn’t about her, it’s about her love interest, who she really knows how to tease. She sings “Sólo puse un poco de atención/Y supe alborotar tu alma traviesa,” in an innocent manner that’s kind of disorienting, over a fun Latin beat, complete with an organ solo, produced by Toy Selectah and Emilio Acevedo.

Jessy Bulbo is also part of the Festival Marvin lineup, so be sure to catch her live on May 16th.