Maifersoni’s “Partners/Las flores más hermosas se marchitan” Will Lift Your Spirits

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Chilean producer Enrique Elgueta released his debut album as Maifersoni back in 2010, through Michita Rex, and it successfully showcased his love for electronic landscapes and pop music. Five years after the release of Telar deslizante, he now returns with a new album and a new label.

Under Quemasucabeza, who seem to be collecting every single great Chilean act as though they were Pokémons, Maifersoni is releasing Maiferland (Acto de amor) and he shared two of its tracks, “Partners” and “Las flores más hermosas se marchitan.” These two songs, produced by De Janeiros (Dënver’s Milton Mahan and Pablo Muñoz,) seamlessly blend as though they always belonged together. Laid back and colorful, they sound like a less saturated version of Dan Snaith, back when he recorded as Manitoba. His voice floats over the instrumentation, and on the latter song, it has an anthemic feel. They are so uplifting days get better just listening to them.