House Queen Mamacita is Back With a New EP “Luz”

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Be prepared. One of the most recurring names in the Chilean dance scene is back with a bang. Or, should we say “banger”? House queen Mamacita just inaugurated a brand new Swedish label called Klack Records with the release of her new EP, called Luz. Her discography has been somewhat scattered so far, focusing more on collaborations with some of the scene’s biggest names, and that’s probably why we hadn’t gotten a new Mamacita single since last year’s great “No Eres Tú.”

Luz” is a straight-up house blast of a track that makes bodies bounce instantly thanks to its bass groove and the matching synths stabs that run through the whole song. Layers of synthetic pads and white noise-like hats create a foggy atmosphere, but her voice shines through like a beacon, singing about being free (“más que la luz“) and doing what she wants, in an infectious melody.

Two remixes, made by Christian S and Hercules and Love Affair collaborator Aérea Negrot, complete the EP, and they both retain the original vibe. That is, up until the second half of the latter, which brings the extra flavor needed to take the song to the next level, making it one of the highlights of the release.