PANTO’s “Shifting” is a Layer Cake of Pitch-Shifted Harmonies

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Argentine musician and electronic producer PANTO wants to remind us that sometimes hardware is the element that determines the ideas. Born Pablo Antonietti, he released his latest EP, Extended Techniques Vol. 1, a couple of months ago, and it’s the first installment of a series exploring the possibilities of ambient music through instruments and experimentation with effects.

The EP’s opening track is called “Shifting,” in direct reference to its main component: the pitch shifter. He processed most of the song’s elements with this effect – from electric guitars to synthesizers, and even percussion elements – creating layers upon layers of rich harmony. When pieced all together, the result is a cheerful track that is steady in rhythm, but dynamic in texture and timbre.

Extended Techniques Vol. 1 is out now on the great Argentine label Estamos Felices.