Costa Rica’s Retrofuturist Raido Joins the Dark Side for Festival Ceremonia

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Raido unexpectedly brings the sinister vibes on his new track, “Crystal Drive,” and we’re living for it. Just in time for his Festival Ceremonia live show, the Costa Rican producer has shied away from the cinematic and contemplative textural work we’ve heard and loved so far, in favor of a darker approach. At the very beginning of the track, heavy bass synth kicks in and sets the tone, pulsating hard in our chests and then melting into our ears as its filter opens. A cold vocoded voice tells us “I can’t feel,” like a robot aware of its condition. Then, the song resolves into an 80s-influenced coldwave beat, introducing an electric piano that brings the nostalgic feel which has now become Raido’s signature.

Don’t miss Raido’s performance at Festival Ceremonia next May 9th.