Paris is Burning, and Venus X, HBA, and Fatima Al Qadiri Set It On Fire

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Photo via Venus X.

Shayne Oliver is at the top of his game right now. He presented his label Hood By Air’s Ego collection at New York Fashion Week not too long ago, and he recently blasted Paris Fashion Week with Superego, a more conceptual take on the original. To help him accomplish this, he recruited two of the most exciting producers nowadays to soundtrack the collection: GHE20GOTH1K founder Venus X, and Fatima Al Qadiri the now member of the “supergroup” Future Brown.

The two of them paired up on a 41-minute mix called HBA Superego SS15: The Score. In theĀ first six minutes, they set the mood with a twisted mix of original vocals, pastoral choirs, and tuned-down rap samples, and then they drastically change to a gigantic bass track with a drumline, and it immediately gives you that connection to the severe and subversive nature of the collection. What comes next is a lot of unexpected twists, which include grime and trap beats, synthetic strings, vocal snippets from Paris is Burning (very fitting) and Serial Mom, among others, and a lot of ambiance.