Listen to Dance floor Killa VFRO’s “Mima” (feat. Sunsplash)

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Venezuelan dancefloor-breaker VFRO is about to release his yet-untitled follow-up to Combo EP (2014, Cocobass,) but not just yet. He is first teasing us with a brand new collaboration with Sunsplash titled “Mima,” where they pretty much do whatever they want.

Throughout the duration of “Mima,” these two mash up sounds and elements from a range of genres, starting with that jungle break that seems to be taking you somewhere, and then everything turns to a completely different direction. And just like that, they move seamlessly through trap, Jersey club, hip hop, house, and this sort of screwed dembow, while rave-y synths occupy the upper frequencies, and the sub-bass make windows rattle.