Summer, Sex & Herbal Lifestyles on AHBS’ Electro-Pop Debut EP ‘Mate y Agave’

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The newly birthed AHBS (pronounced “abs”), were “born in the confines of their small Bushwick studio during a particularly long North Eastern winter.” But they’re leaving all that behind to embrace “summer, sex, and herbal lifestyles” for their first release, Mate y Agave. The electro-pop duo, a.k.a. DJs AHARAW and Billy Scher, claim roots in Buenos Aires and NYC, taking on a look something along the lines of an urbano version of Los Master Plus. They’re altogether sincere in keeping the project positive and party-friendly.

The album is as much a project live and direct from the heart of AHBS as it is a snapshot of the Doom Dab label and downtown crew itself, calling on Slaysian emcee K Rizz, Spanglish R&B experimentalist Jay Boogie, and the rapper Dick Van Dick for guest spots.

The duo already gave us a taste of the album when they premiered Duele Todo,” a slow-rapped ode to hangover feels. “En Tu Casa” calls on Dick Van Dick to rap over the acid house club track about taking the scene out of the clubs to favor the house party setting, the sound reverberating throughout the entire place (even the walk-in closet).

“Basura” laments his failed attempts to woo the amor of his vida, repeating the pretty catchy line “no me trate como ba-ba-ba-ba-basura.” “Un Dia” layers a dub bassline low end filtered underneath a reggaeton drum kit, taking an unexpected, overtly political turn with looping vocal samples denouncing the war on the drugs.

Press play above to listen to the full 8-track album, premiering exclusively with Remezcla.