Super Legitimo’s Free Mixtape Is a Snapshot of the Costa Rican Indie Band Scene

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Kevin León aka Super Legitimo is a young D.I.Y. video and show producer with his finger on the pulse of Costa Rica’s indie band scene. Raised in New York and based in San José, he’s been making mixtapes inspired by the Punk-O-Rama compilations from his childhood, capturing the thriving Tico scene that has been bubbling up over the last two years.

Last year he released Súper Mix Vol. 1, a one-track, 48 minute-long mixtape, and now he’s dropped the 2015 edition, showcasing the new rock n’ roll, garage and bedroom pop projects getting buzz in San José. As era-defining as the Sí San José compilation, this mixtape is a look at the bands and the band side projects with the best live shows.

Super Mix Vol. 2 features some faces that may be familiar in the U.S. and Europe, like Las Robertas, Monte and Colornoise, as well as newcomers who staring to get much-deserved attention, like Do Not, Mari Navarro, Jose Saenz, Hijos, and Piratas del Cosmos.

It includes a cover by local designer Plastic Cola and was edited by Diego Matamoros.

Download the whole mixtape for free via Soundcloud.