Svntv Mverte’s Dark Dembow on NTS Radio

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Svntv Mverte invaded the rising airwaves of NTS Radio last week with their dark tropical heat vibes and a selection of pretty unique pieces by some of the most recognizable names from that specific branch of contemporary dance music. As you would expect from the Houston pair, the main focus is on dembow driven rhythms, matched up with eery and almost witch housey sounds. By the looks of the playlist, there’s a lot they seem to find interesting in the sound of Mexico City crew NAAFI, with the feature of more than a couple of tracks by Lao & ZUTZUT, as well as a keen taste for 3Ball with tracks like “Hwwambo” by DJ NIGGA FOX and Ynfynyt Scroll’s remix for Nobel’s “Jellyfish”. Also worthy of mention is and a “Demvogue” remix by Joey Labeija on Drake’s “Legend” which is probably the most advanced piece on this Sonic blend of post tropical bass bangers if you ask me.