SX Turns Post Malone’s “Too Young” Into a Trap Monster, Shares New Mix

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We recently received this track from a mysterious up-and-coming act called SX, and we found it so deliciously good we just had to share it with all of you. The track in question is a remix of Texan singer-rapper Post Malone‘s “Too Young,” and SX took it to great new heights. What was originally a harmless hip-hop song is now a gigantic trap monster that clocks in at just over five minutes. SX managed to retain its sweetness, but sharpened the snares and hi-hats like razors, and introduced some gliding synths and double-tempo build-ups. But let’s talk about those horns for a second. They are a brilliant addition and precisely what makes the song sound so big. We don’t know much about SX’s story, but we can’t get enough of this.

And there’s more! SX was kind enough to share a 25-minute mix to preview some upcoming DJ sets, and it’s a varied selection of lush hip-hop, R&B, house, and more, including tracks like Louis The Child’s remix of SoySauce’s “Broken Record,” Jai Wolf’s remix of Mocki’s “Weekend,” and Teen Flirt’s remix of Clubz’s “Ciclos.” Trust us: you don’t want to miss it.