Watch Talib Kweli Protégé NIKO IS’ Video for “Vamoose”

After joining Talib Kweli’s record label, Brazilian-born emcee NIKO IS kicked off February with the release of his debut album, Brutus, and has kept the momentum going, kicking off March with a new visual. In “Vamoose,” NIKO is seen everywhere from sitting at the top of snow-capped mountains to dancing with his digital clones. The production, provided by longtime collaborator Thanks Joey, keeps the flashing transitions right on pace. Filled with vibrant colors and pop art-like backgrounds, the psychedelic video stays true to the track’s playful rhymes and fun vibes.

Niko, who moved from Rio de Janeiro to Orlando, Florida at the age of seven, has been fine-tuning his music with producer Thanks Joey since they met in high school. A mixtape and a LP later, rap veteran Talib Kweli added the emcee to his label roster at Javotti Media. Speaking of rap and South Americans, NIKO IS is joining label boss Talib Kweli and Peruvian lyricist Immortal Technique on The People’s Champions tour.

Looks like Niko is (no pun intended) keeping busy in 2015.