Tatiana Hazel’s New Single “Don’t Care” Offers Post-Breakup Resolution

Lead Photo: Photo by Zanah Marie. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Zanah Marie. Courtesy of the artist
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With the surreal loneliness that quarantining can bring comes an increased likelihood that you might, maybe, possibly text your ex. Some advice by way of Chicago artist Tatiana Hazel’s new single, “Don’t Care,” released today: Don’t do it.

“It’s sort of about wondering what went wrong in a relationship, but thinking about all the different things that could have changed, but then realizing I don’t really care because everything happened the way it was supposed to,” Hazel told People CHICA.

The sentiment isn’t unlike that of “Doin’ alright,” the kickoff of Hazel’s 2018 EP, Toxic. But this bop is a more patiently paced one — 30 seconds of churning organ and lyrical context are a slow-burning but impactful prologue before an uptempo but unhurried synth-laced disco lights the feeling-your-power flame. “Don’t Care” is perfect listening for, in a romantic situation, sticking to your truth and standing up for your best interests.

Her glazed, wispy vocals remain a centerpiece, only now they come with a subtle grit that hints at the unflinching resolution emphasized by the lyrics.

“I know, I know better, than to risk it all,” she assures. “I know, I know better, than to fall. But I don’t care if you don’t. I promise that I won’t forget about you. I don’t care if you won’t forget about me.”