Tayhana Serves Up a Lethal, Genre-Hopping New Mix for CyberWitches’ 2nd Anniversary

Lead Photo: Tayhana. Courtesy of the artist
Tayhana. Courtesy of the artist
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Guadalajara collective CyberWitches’ second anniversary celebration is right around the corner, and they’re set to throw a bash to remember. Since they started back in 2014, the crew has expanded their woman-first and queer friendly vision, serving as a Tapatío hub for marginalized club kids – and anyone who’s looking to have a prejudice-free blast.

The lineup has a killer bill, including sets from Buenos Aires’ Tayhana, local acts Fonobisa and Babybruise, and Monterrey DJ Gvajardo. After that, the party moves to a secret location at midnight, where A–rp, .RR, CDVR, and Luzius are set to spin. There’s no doubt in our hearts this night will be lit, and we have an extra special gift to prove it.

To mark the occasion, we asked Hiedrah co-founder and NAAFI member Tayhana to put together an exclusive 25-minute mix for us, titled “Dame Tu Cuerpo Sin Miedo.” “I made this mix leaving aside pretension, labels, or sonic trends. I love celebrations, because they’re very similar to the state of liberation, to confronting all those desires we bottle up inside…I hope that these heavy sounds and rhythms help us unleash the devils that we’re sadly forced to repress in society.” Trust us – there’s no society or any other force in the universe that will be able to hold you back once you press play here.

Right off the bat, she sets the festive tone with a bombastic mashup between cumbia, dembow, and murga, along with some reggaeton acapellas from Sky & Jeipy’s “Dale Bellakeo.” A pagode rhythm is adorned by 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” riff, and serves as the perfect segue before the beat builds, funk ostentação-style. After throwing in the signature distortion of Imaabs and an offbeat remix of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction,” we’re gifted with hints of Jersey club and ballroom, but before we even know it, the mix is over and we’re left with major FOMO for the Guadalajaran throwdown happening on Saturday.

CyberWitches’ second anniversary party goes down on Saturday, September 17 at 11 p.m. at C3 Stage in Guadalajara. Tayhana headlines the party. Check out the flyers below. For more info, click here.