Tayrell’s “Rea” is a Crisp French House Anthem

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Tayrell is a Mexican duo formed by brothers Hugo and Miguel Galicia. Last month, they released an EP titled Rea via Horeazon Records, featuring remixes by three French producers and labelmates. That’s not too shabby for a musical project that started only three months ago. Three months! Oh the internet and its ways. While you may think their short existence means they sound amateurish, it’s actually quite the opposite.

“Rea,” the EP’s lead single, is a classy, French house-inspired track that sounds crisp and luminous. There are enough production twists to make things interesting, and the song is funky enough to make you move. The careful use of reverb, the sporadic sampling of glass-like sounds, and the underlying melodic content are only a few of the elements that make this track a quiet hit. “Rea” remixes by Léo Lunel, Zeblon, and My NamE complete the EP.