‘Bahía Santiago’ Proves Third Time’s The Charm For Technicolor Fabrics

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Good things come to those who wait, and fans of Technicolor Fabrics have been rewarded handsomely for their patience. It’s been four years since the Guadalajara quintet released any new material, but the band returned this month with a new record that’s also their best yet.

With Bahía Santiago, the group’s third album, Technicolor Fabrics have discovered the sound they’ve been looking for since 2007. The band says it best: “Bahía Santiago is the space where we can all discover and connect with our deepest and purest selves, childhood nostalgia, and the innocence of simple things…our present.”

They go beyond what they established on 2008’s Run…The Sun Is Burning All Your Hopes and 2011’s Ideas. There’s a lyrical and musical maturity throughout this release, thanks to Siddhartha’s production on all but two tracks, as well as the band’s willingness to expand their scope and sound.

The opening track, “Aviéntame,” starts things off with an energetic bang à la Diamante Eléctrico, before returning to the road paved by previous releases. This time, however, the pop isn’t as slow or packed with as much ennui. There’s a bright and optimistic urgency to the group’s mix of rock, pop, and alternative this time around. Juan Pablo Corcuera‘s and Raúl “Yogui” Cabrera‘s guitar work complement each other wonderfully; there are even a few well-placed guitar solos.

Simply put, the wait was definitely worth it.