A Tense Domestic Dispute Unfolds in Reverse in Technicolor Fabrics’ Masterful New Video

On occasions when everything seems to fall into place for a work of art to come to life, it feels like magic is happening. Most of the time, it’s not otherworldly powers at work, but rather boundless passion. Technicolor Fabrics‘ new video for “Volver a Comenzar” is a testament to just that – a work made possible between people from different countries who dared to do something wild.

“Volver A Comenzar” is a standout track from Technicolor Fabrics’ last album Bahía Santiago, released almost a year ago to the date. It’s a propulsive and hooky feel-good affair from the Guadalajara outfit. The video gives it another spin, portraying a couple’s explosive domestic dispute, but in reverse, so it seems like we’re retracing their steps to the beginning of the argument. There’s a twist in the end, one that puts the title of the track into perspective.

The clip was created by Around The World in 80 Music Videos, a project conceived and executed by Brazilian filmmakers Diana Boccara and Leo Longo. Longo and Boccara aim to “rethink the relationship between music and filmmaking throughout the world” by traveling across the globe and directing music videos for bands in every country they visit. The project has sent them to more than 20 countries, and the final stretch of their adventure is in Latin America. “Volver A Comenzar” marks the last video they produced in Mexico, their 66th overall, and their first filmed in 4k.