Tei Shi Tries to Take Down a Giant Worm in “Bassically”

Tei Shi and her crew fight a monster with everything they have in her new music video for her excellent single, “Bassically.” The Argentine singer, born Valerie Teicher, has a new EP coming out April 14 called Verde, and it’ll be a co-release between Mermaid Avenue and Double Denim.

The video, directed by Nick Pesce, was shot and edited as a vintage monster movie, where we find Tei Shi and a group of people in a destroyed city, trying to kill a creature that looks like a gigantic worm. They use grenades, machine guns, arrows, even machetes, to try to finish him, as we see special effects and an old-movie image treatment, with a “missing reel” scene and everything. But don’t forget about the song, which is a powerful synth-pop number that certainly showcases Teicher’s pipes.