Tei Shi Roams the Streets of Bogotá in Her Stunning “See Me” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Eric White

The last time we saw a Tei Shi music video, she was taking down a giant worm with everything she could on “Bassically.” It was war. But now, she’s taken a full 180-degree turn in her new video for “See Me,” another cut from her latest album Verde, via Mermaid Avenue/Double Denim.

Although she was born in Argentina, the singer spent part of her childhood living in Bogotá, so she paired up with directors DREAMTIGER and Jonathan Wing to bring us stunning images of the Colombian capital, with some added footage shot in New York. The video actually starts with a little intro using a bit of her song “Can’t Be Sure,” which showcases the magnitude of the city and its contrasts, like the image of an old statue and surrounding pillars covered in graffiti. Then, from green mountain pastures to colonial-style houses on old streets and squares, we are quickly submerged into these beautifully-shot landscapes, with fluid and swirly camera movements. The video ends with a shot of Tei Shi sitting on a llama, which is kind of funny, but also striking.