Tei Shi’s ‘Remixes, Collabs & Covers’ Breathes Fresh Life Into Her Catalog

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Argentine singer Tei Shi‘s Verde EP made us fall in love with her voice and her music insanely fast. That’s why we got pretty excited when she shared Remixes, Collabs & Covers, a Soundcloud playlist that compiles, well, just what the name suggests. Here we have, for example, remixes of her great single “Bassically,” made by the likes of HONNE, Body Language, and Japanese dream pop outfit Jesse Ruins.

The collaborations showcase a more straight-up R&B approach, like on “Arrest Me,” a Shy Girls track where she shares vocal duties with the Portland musician; or “Best On,” by her frequent collaborator Luca, where she delivers a killer layered hook. Also here is Blue Hawaii’s take on “Go Slow,” a jungle-meets-UKG remix we previously shared. “Nevermind The End,” a standout track off her 2013 Saudade EP, also gets the remix treatment thanks to Saint Pepsi and Lil Sad.

But there are two true gems here that really stand out: a recording called “Fancy Rehearsal Tape,” where we get a glimpse into the compositional process of Tei Shi and her collaborators, Jesse Beauchamp and the aforementioned Luca Buccellati. And then, we have her cover of queen Beyoncé’s “No Angel,” where she accomplishes the tough task of hitting all those high notes flawlessly. The girl can sing.